Cashmere is a type of wool, perhaps the most luxurious and soft there is. You can usually wear a cashmere item all year round: it is airy, breathable and at the same time wonderfully warm.

With these maintenance tips, you can enjoy your cashmere items for years: 

  1. Wash cashmere inside out at a cold temperature. Use only a little wool detergent and choose a liquid product.
  2. Put only a few items in the washing machine so that they have room to move. 
  3. Fabric softener is unnecessary. Cashmere is naturally soft and fabric softener will only damage the wool.
  4. Dry cashmere (just like wool) flat or flat on a drying rack. Do not put cashmere directly in the sun or on a heater.
  5. If you have problems with loose fluff, you can carefully remove it with a special comb or by hand.