Corporate responsibility

Quality and sustainability are not only the core values of our clothing, but also of our daily operations. We see corporate social responsibility as a permanent component of business.

At Xandres nv, people are at the center in every stage from producer to customer. Taking responsibility for work conditions and environment is something that comes natural to us. This reflects itself in different facets of our business: the choice and manner of working together with our suppliers, the choice of materials, the production methods and the layout of the workplace of the employees.


Direct, intensive and lasting relations

We consciously keep the number of countries and suppliers limited and thereby ensure minimal transport. We strive for direct, intensive and lasting relations. We have been working for over 25 years with some of our suppliers. An important part of the purchase comes from Portugal, Italy and China, a smaller part comes from India. The buying team travels regularly to the producing countries for a factory visit. Our team of seamstresses in our atelier in Destelbergen is unique and guarantees a thorough quality process.


Respect for mankind and nature

Our clothing must meet the standards in the field of health and safety and must be free of harmful substances. Xandres nv strives anywhere possible for the use of sustainable raw materials and production methods. Sandblasting of jeans for instance is not permitted. When choosing our fabrics and colours we maintain our respect for nature. We only work with trusted manufacturers and there when possible with natural dyes.



Xandres nv strives for structural reduction of waste and energy consumption. We do this through specific actions such as the economical use and recycling of paper and the use of recycled plastic bags in our stores. During the development of stores, we invest in energy saving led lighting. Also at the headquarters our staff is sensitized and encouraged to apply energy-saving tips on a daily basis.


Responsibility & transparency

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on our long history of taking responsibility. Sharing this policy via the website is new and fits towards our drive towards more transparency. To continuously improve better ourselves is a core value of Andres nv. We will permanently make additions and communicate these.