Anne Zellien

Jewellery designer

Xandres presents a very special Inspiring Women collaboration. The Antwerp jewellery designer Anne Zellien created a capsule collection for Xandres with eleven jewels that perfectly match the clothing line.


What went through your head when Xandres asked you as Inspiring Woman to design a capsule collection for the autumn collection?

Anne Zellien: "When Xandres contacted me for this collaboration, I was immediately enthusiastic. The first branded clothing I got as a child was from Andres (the forerunner of Xandres). I was fourteen years old and my mum bought me three Andres trousers with elephant legs in fun colours, each with a matching T-shirt. It was the first time in my life that I really liked myself". (laughs)


And now, does the style still appeal to you?

Anne Zellien: "There are a lot of similarities between my style and Xandres'. We both like a more classic style but with a wink. I don't want my jewellery to be just accessories, it has a lasting value. Xandres also strives for that timelessness in its designs".

"I admire Xandres for the way they reinterpret the classics. For example, there are always suits or blouses with bows in the collection. But the classic designs are grafted onto what is in the air at that moment. They are always very topical.


How did the capsule collection start?

Anne Zellien: "The designers of Xandres provided me with samples of the fabrics they used in the collection, the mood boards and the colour palette. On that basis I created the jewellery, entirely in the atmosphere and style of the clothing line. Initially the idea was to make three designs, eventually it turned out to be eleven. ”

"I chose gilded, gold-coloured designs in particular because Xandres is celebrating a golden jubilee - 50 years - this year. The brown and light pink shades of the stones are matched to the colour palette of the collections. I incorporated the beautiful Xandres logo on a pair of earrings. I literally took the motif with the petal from a fabric in the collection".


Does it taste like more?

Anne Zellien: "Sure it does! A collaboration like this with Xandres is a great thing for a designer to do. Cross-pollinations are groundbreaking. They challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the DNA or visual language of another brand. I find that enormously fascinating and enriching. I really take such an assignment to heart".


You were chosen as Inspiring Woman by Xandres. Who do you find inspiring women yourself?

Anne Zellien: "Diane Von Fürstenberg because she was able to build such a beautiful career with a simple piece like a wrap dress. I also admire Chanel and Schiaparelli. In the world of jewellery there are two designers I look up to. Line Vautrin is a jewellery designer who started her own business with handmade accessories during the war in Paris. Suzanne Belperron made jewellery for the happy few in the Interbellum with the finest materials. They were designs with an extreme elegance, which you don't find today. I admire both ladies for their sense of aesthetics and also because they started their own business at a time that was not easy. They had to fight against a lot of prejudices about women and their position in society".

"In my own family I look up to my grandmother: she started a wool shop together with a friend during World War II. Later that shop grew into a fashion boutique. My mother continued it. I came into contact with fashion from an early age. When I was twelve years old, I was allowed to go to Paris with her to choose collections. The example of my grandmother and mother ensured that I had little fear of starting my own business".