RSVP Black Friday


Friday 26 November is Black Friday, a day that encourages buying as much as possible as cheaply as possible. The deals and artificial discounts may sound like music to our ears, but the planet ends up paying the real price. The merry-go-round that is called overconsumption is in full swing that day.

Why Xandres is not attending

The fashion industry is high on the list of the most polluting sectors in the world, and Black Friday only adds to that by encouraging people to buy more things they don't need. In Belgium alone, we each throw away an average of 15 kilograms of clothing per year, and we only wear 12% of our wardrobe. Figures like these make us think; they are not in line with the sustainability trajectory we have embarked on at Xandres. Our mission as a brand is responsible consumption: to design clothing with timeless style and quality that you can wear and cherish for a long time, from Belgian soil.

To that end, we want to use Black Friday as an opportunity to think more consciously about our consumption behaviour; to reflect on what we have, because we have more than we think; to turn a black page in our consumer society into a green one, together with you. Hello, GREEN FRIDAY!

Have your clothes repaired in our workshop

During the Black Friday weekend—from Friday 26 November to Monday 29 November—we invite you to bring your Xandres items to one of our boutiques. Our enthusiastic couture team will be on site to repair your items in the Xandres workshop, free of charge. Thanks to the Green Friday promotion and our permanent Repair&Care programme, you can enjoy your Xandres clothing even longer.

Types of repairs

  • Replace missing buttons
  • Replace zippers
  • Fix loose seams
  • Fix loose hems and belt loops
  • Repair linings and pockets
  • Replace elastic
  • Repair holes
  • Remove pilling from pullovers


Stimulates overproduction

Impulse buying

High ecological impact

Artificial discounts


Sustainable alternative

Conscious consumption

Less waste

Repair of clothing

Want to know more about the Repair & Care programme of Xandres and how you can extend the life of your favourite garments? Read more here