Southern vibes in your wardrobe

With the icy winter still fresh in our memories, we at Xandres have started dreaming of the first days of spring. The warm brown and orange tones, big straw hats and lovely retro lounge chairs lend the newly decorated shop windows a southern vibe. A touch of colour and loads of optimism: we can use that now more than ever!

Chic, feminine et elegant


The spring collection sets the tone with graphic checks, warm colours, high-quality, flowing fabrics and perfect cuts. Stylish, extremely feminine and elegant. Totally Xandres!

Warm brown and striking orange


Warm browns and spicy orange tones give you a taste of the first rays of the sun and bring a spring feel to your wardrobe. Dare to combine coconut brown with statement orange or go for a tone-on-tone silhouette in rich fabrics. If you prefer something more casual chic, mix and match a striking orange blouse with casual jeans.

Luxury awaits!

Luxury is intertwined in every fibre of the collection. Flowing fabrics with a satin sheen, striking checked patterns and high-quality knitwear exude glamour. On changeable spring days, you can combine your spring look with a wool cardigan or a luxurious sweater in a mix of cuddly alpaca and mohair.