Spring fashion in the spotlight 


On 8 March we celebrate International Women's Day. It's the perfect start to our National Xandres Week. At Xandres & Xandres Gold, women are always central. We create timeless, elegant outfits that make women shine at every occasion. What better way to start our national party week than with a festive dress and fries? Belgian fashion at its best! 


Fresh green leaves and sky blue


Now that walking has become our national sport because of corona, it's hard to miss that spring is in the air! Fresh green leaves bring new colour to parks and gardens, and crocuses, tulips and hyacinths bloom here and there. The leaf-green shades in our spring collection also catch the eye. Together with Riviera blue, they form a fresh and bright colour palette. Perfect for spring.

Trend: cheerful prints and monochrome outfits


A green leaf print on a sky-blue fabric may steal the show, but original striped patterns in beige, green and blue also radiate cheerful spring vibes. If you are not a fan of prints, you can also opt for a fashionable monochrome look in green or blue this season. Or why not combine a fashionable colour with timeless jeans or white trousers? Wear a smile, spring is here!