Discover Xandres ambassador Tiany Kiriloff's favourite autumn looks


Xandres is extremely proud of our collaboration with fashion-savvy Tiany Kiriloff, a passionate ambassador for our brand. Kiriloff has a deep affinity with Belgian fashion (#ikkoopbelgisch❤) and, like us, attaches great importance to sustainability. She also identifies with the effortless chic style Xandres is known for. A perfect match!

For those wondering where she gets her inspiration from, what her favourite looks from our new collection are, and which must-have item should be in your wardrobe, see the Q&A Xandres held with her to answer your pressing questions!

How did your passion for fashion arise?

”I’ve always been interested in fashion. Growing up in Venezuela, my mother ran a little boutique. We would occasionally go to the States to purchase collections. I loved rummaging around and poking my nose into things there. Later, when I relocated to Belgium, I bought fun, progressive fashion magazines, such as The Face, ID and Dazed & Confused. They fuelled my passion for fashion further.” 


How would you describe your personal style?

“I prefer not to pigeonhole myself, and I enjoy experimenting, so my style is forever evolving, eclectic and open-minded.”


What do you feel is a must-have item for every woman’s wardrobe, and why?

A blazer! It can instantly upgrade a simple outfit.” 


Why do you love Belgian fashion?

“I used to attend the fashion shows by the Antwerp Fashion Academy. I found them so inspiring— I still do, actually! That’s how I quickly discovered the Belgian talents. What’s more, I’ve always had a strong appreciation for all things local. You have to support that, don’t you!” 


“l think we've always had a love for one another. Over the years, that has only grown.“



What led to the collaboration with Xandres?

“l think we've always had a love for one another. Over the years, that has only grown. I’m delighted that we can now work on building a story together

What do you think of the Xandres FW21 collection, and what are your favourite items?

"The collection is beautiful! Such cool themes and super strong colours. There is something for everyone and every occasion. My favourite item is the red cloak, a real colour pop with the Xandres elegance. In general, I really like the Xandres jackets. Fashionable items that finish off every outfit and make it just that little bit smarter."


Like many young mothers, you balance your family life with your professional life. How do you clear your head and take time for yourself?

My children are becoming more independent, which means I now have more time for myself. That is really wonderful. During me-time, I like to do Pilates because it's so good for my body and my mind. I also get a lot of energy from going walking with friends.






What's your ultimate fashion hack?

Layering is definitely my favourite fashion hack, more is more, and that includes jewellery! You should also enjoy fashion.

What item in your wardrobe do you always fall back on?

"My white ankle boots match every outfit!"


Do you have any tips for conscious (and sustainable) shopping?

“Before you go shopping, take a good look at your wardrobe; at what you have and how you can give certain outfits a different/new twist. Then when you go to the store you will be more focused and make smarter purchases. Also, invest in timeless items and pieces that you will be able to wear for a long time; think of the cost/wear ;) and shop locally!”


Can you give some styling tips for the new Xandres collection?

“Xandres presents a collection in handy themes, within those themes, you can combine without risk! Wear your items in a different way; e.g. you can wear a shirt open like a cardigan, over a white t-shirt. And dare to go for that print-on-print look, you'll rock it! ”




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