How can I contact customer service?

Contact us:                        customercare@xandres.com

Tel.:                                  (+32) (0)9 218 18 18.

Address:                             Nijverheidsstraat 20, 9070 Destelbergen (Belgium)

Opening hours:                    Mon-Fri: 8.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.

Social:                                Facebook: Xandres - Hampton Bays - Xandres Gold

                                          Instagram: xandres_belgium - hamptonbays_official - xandres_gold

How do I register my mobile number?

Xandres gives you the option of registering your mobile number in our system. This allows us to contact you and help you if something goes wrong while processing your order.

You can enter your mobile number here.

Xandres complies with the applicable privacy legislation and will never pass on your details to third parties.