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How do I register my mobile number?

Xandres gives you the option of registering your mobile number in our system. This allows us to contact you and help you if something goes wrong while processing your order.

You can enter your mobile number here.

Xandres complies with the applicable privacy legislation and will never pass on your details to third parties.

How do I get an overview of my Xandres account?

In your ‘My Xandres’ account you can check which personal details we have stored in our system. A few examples are your delivery address, the orders you have placed and the items you have put on your wish list. Here you can also edit the details in your personal profile, such as your delivery address. Everyone who has placed an order via Xandres has a 'My Xandres’ account.

My account information - this gives you a brief overview of your account details, such as your name, e-mail address and phone number.

My address book - here you can edit your invoicing and delivery address(es). If you do not enter an address under 'standard delivery address', we will use your invoicing address as your delivery address. If your invoicing address differs from your delivery address, please enter the correct addresses. Carefully check your address details to ensure your order is delivered at the right address.

My wish list - if you see an item you like, but you would like to browse further, you can save the item on your wish list. Would you like to compare different items? Just save them on your wish list to view them together. The next time you visit Xandres.com, there is no need for you to search for the items again. You can simply click on your wish list to view them.

You can also send your wish list to friends. This is a handy feature for unique events, such as weddings or holy communion parties. Or even a subtle hint for Valentine's Day...

My orders and returns - here you will find an overview of the orders you placed at Xandres and their status. You can also check the details of every order, including which items you ordered and which delivery address you entered.

My newsletter - subscribe to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, offers, collections and much more! Here you can subscribe to the Xandres, Xandres Gold and Hampton Bays newsletter. You will receive it maximum twice a week by e-mail. If you prefer not to receive it anymore, you can unsubscribe at any time. You can decide which brands you want to subscribe to or unsubscribe from.

Is it safe to shop at Xandres?

We use an SSL connection/Secure Sockets Layer for online payments. This means that all the personal details you send us is encrypted. In other words, nobody else can see your data. However, your personal password remains the most important protection. Never give anyone your password and/or free access to your account.

Xandres complies with the applicable privacy legislation and all legal requirements. Your contact details are only used to process orders and continuously improve our services. We will never pass on your details to third parties without your consent. For more detailed information see our privacy statement.

Are my credit card and personal details secure?

Your payment and credit card details are only used to process your payment and will never be revealed to third parties.