What is the collection based on?

“I started with a mood board. I also have a Tumblr account that I use to collect sources of inspiration. "90's Woman" is my latest muse, which was always the image I aspired to while I was growing up. I'm not an easy shopper. I'm happy to pay a little extra for quality, but I won't fritter away my entire monthly budget on clothes. For me, less is more. I think it's better to have a few really nice items of clothing that I can combine in many different ways. I really like the motto "end your day the way you started it." Ideally, you should be able to go out to dinner in the evening wearing the clothes you went shopping in that afternoon.”


Hampton Bays is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a capsule collection by top model Elise Crombez. To say Elise has a special bond with Hampton Bays is something of an understatement.

“When Hampton Bays asked me to create a capsule collection, I didn't hesitate for a second,' said Elise. 'At the very start of my career, aged 17, the company chose me to be the face of Hampton Bays. It was my very first overseas shoot. I still remember the wonderful location in the hills on the Irish coast. My grandma kept the campaign photos on her mantelpiece for years! I'm very happy and honoured that Hampton Bays has invited me to celebrate their anniversary with a collaboration.”  


Is this collection a reflection of you?

“Oh yes, it perfectly encapsulates how I like to dress. Colours and prints aren't really my thing. I'm much more into quality materials like cashmere. I love draping myself in it on cold mornings. The long cashmere skirt and matching open-backed sweater are my favourites. The open back is very sexy and the skirt is comfortable, warm, and feminine all at the same time. The monocolour wool outfits are available in white, camel, grey, and black. Black is a no-brainer for me, as it's so easy to combine with other items of clothing. Grey too. The collection also features the ultimate white T-shirt with exquisite finishing, as well as two silk scarves.”



one of elise's first shoots for Hampton Bays


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