#5 Decades Xandres

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Since no birthday is complete without a new party dress, we decided that's how we wanted to start the year of our 50th anniversary. For the occasion we created 5 summer dresses worn by 5 Belgian top models from the past and present. Five cheerful, fresh and feminine dresses that will colour up spring. 5 surprising and very different dresses, for very different types of women.

We celebrate our 50th anniversary with 5 summery dresses.
5Schoonheden Shoot

5 Belgian beauties


We put the spotlight on 5 decades of inspiring, Belgian fashion, Xandres reached out to 5 Belgian top models from the past.Delfine Bafort, who modeled in 2006, Hannelore Knuts, from the RED campaign of 2011, An Oost from 2006, Ishioma, from a Xandres Limited collection, and Isabel Deprince, the current Xandres model since the winter campaign of 2017, all five of them together in one shoot.

    All five beauties posed for the Belgian photographer Marie Wynants on the beach of Duinbergen, surrounded by a strong, female Belgian crew. 

    Photographer Marie Wynants about her inspiration behind the campaign image: "Peter Lindbergh was the inspiration for the image I wanted to capture. The way he portrays strong women is totally in line with Xandres' vision",