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About our Limited collection

Fashion should be fun for all women in all sizes. This autumn, influencers and body awareness activists Sabine Peeters and Edith Dohmen designed a limited collection that embraces size diversity. Whimsical and daring

Sabine: "The plus-size collection was the starting point"
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For every size

The limited collection is available in every size, from 34 to 54. The designs for Xandres Gold were the starting point and were later adapted to the Xandres collection. This is usually done the other way around.

"The fact that plus-size was the starting point gives a great sense of value," says Sabine Peeters. "We are both plus-size women ourselves, and we understand the challenges plus-size women face when shopping. We know that a plus-size collection is far too often the exception or an afterthought for brands and designers."

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Flashy fluorescent pink

Striking fluorescent pink dictates the colour pallette. Warm brown, timeless blue, classy black and soft pink provide balance. The graphic prints are a nod to the art-deco style, while knitwear breathes the atmosphere of ski resorts in the late seventies.

3 dresses, 3 styles

Every design in the collection has been carefully fitted and adjusted by the two women until it was just right. They worked with the Xandres design team to select the best fabrics and cuts for each figure.

The result is three different dresses in the collection: one that accentuates the waist, a shirt dress that flatters any figure, and a straight jersey dress for women with a straight figure or who love oversized dresses.

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Cosy knitwear

The nostalgic seventies touch is evident in the flashy fluorescent accents and the knitwear. Cosy cool with a retro twist

Edith: “Fashion is fun. Forget about the rules and wear whatever you like and feel good in. And most of all: own it! Don't be afraid to wear your own style and go as crazy as you like."

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