What  inspired  you  to  start  your  own  label?

"By analysing and discussing women’ s wardrobes, I felt the need these women had to shine in their own unique way. Some women like to ‘give it all they’ve got’, while others prefer to use subtle accents. I used to buy a lot of shirts, but that was because I liked collars, not the shirts per se. Most people also have a shortage of space: their closets are full. I wanted to create something small with a specific feel-good factor. I didn’t want to start another label because I wanted to “do something in fashion”. I asked myself: “What can I do for the many women who don't feel good about themselves?” I soon found out a simple thing like a pretty collar can make a woman a lot more confident."


“A  minimal  gesture,  with  maximum  effect.”  That’ s  the  least  you  can  say  about  our  new “Inspiring  Women” collab.  For  their  sixth  collaboration,  Xandres approached  collar-creator,  stylist  and  fulltime  optimist  Liesbeth  Diels.

For the last two years, she and her brand Lilirooz have enabled people to create the 'collar-effect' without bulking up their outfit with a shirt. Liesbeth Diels has become the go-to stylist for several celebs and her Lilirooz collars can be spotted on many famous and not-so-famous women in Belgium  and beyond. It’ s  the  perfect time to introduce the exclusive and limited edition “Lilirooz for Xandres” collar. We meet up in her beautiful, Pinterest-worthy loft/design studio to talk about her passions and her road to success. 


Do  we  have  to  think  of  the  “Lilirooz for Xandres”  collar  as  a kind  of  jewellery?

"They  used  to  say  you  should  save  expensive  outfits  for  special  occasions. As  a stylist, I tell people the opposite: “Wear those valuable pieces as much as you can!” So yes, you can think of our collars as jewellery, but only if your wear them often and combine them with everything!”

Mood images of Lilirooz on Instagram


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