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Airy blouses and light shirts are perfect for those hot summer days, and Xandres knows this better than anyone. Combine an oversized short with palazzo pants in the same print for the perfect outfit on a sun-drenched work day. A blouse with a tropical print or ethnic motif will brighten up your spring wardrobe. A shirt with a striped print looks timeless and elegant. A great match with your favourite jeans!


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  1. New arrival
    Dark blue blouse with short sleeves
    Dark blue blouse with short sleeves
  2. White cotton long-sleeved shirt
    White cotton long-sleeved shirt
  3. White silk short-sleeved T-shirt
    White silk short-sleeved T-shirt
  4. Navy-blue silk short-sleeved T-shirt
    Navy-blue silk short-sleeved T-shirt
  5. Black silk short-sleeved T-shirt
    Black silk short-sleeved T-shirt

5 Items

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