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Spring/Summer 2017


At Xandres, spring is all about the French red, white and blue and the joie de vivre it stands for. You’ll see the colours come back in multiple stripe and flower patterns. They make for fresh outfits with a festive touch. In summer, Boho chic takes the stage and you’ll shine in relaxed pieces with a luxurious side.

About Xandres

Our philosophy

A dip into its rich archives will show anyone that timelessness is not a hollow phrase for Xandres. This Belgian fashion label is known to generations of women for its craftsmanship and sense of tradition. Fads and hypes are not part of its DNA. Sophisticated simplicity and feminine elegance are the key words on which the brand’s history has been built. On the other hand, Xandres never lost its knack for capturing the zeitgeist.


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