Astrid Stockman

Soprano Astrid Stockman is proud ambassador of Xandres

Xandres is very proud of its collaboration with the Belgian soprano Astrid Stockman. Since she participated in the TV programme 'De Slimste Mens in Wereld' (The Smartest Person in the World), Astrid has been a loyal ambassador of our brand. She always wears Xandres outfits on the screen. In the summer of 2020, Astrid provided a daily musical intermezzo on the TV programmes 'Vive la vie' and 'Vive le vélo'. She was also dressed by Xandres for those performances.

Astrid Stockman & Xandres: perfect match!

Her love for music, stylish presence and colourful, cordial personality fit in seamlessly with Xandres. 'From day one, Xandres believed in me. And I in Xandres: Belgian through and through, size-inclusive and with an interest in the cultural sector,' Astrid explains.

Favourite looks

Are you curious about the looks that Astrid loves? Beautiful prints, rich fabrics and warm tones appeal to her. From a long dress with an eye-catching print to a classy navy-blue shirt dress and from a romantic floral skirt and woollen jumper to a checked trouser suit.Favoriete looks

Playlist with classical music

During the lockdown, Astrid gave a free, live living room concert every Thursday for her followers on social media. She shone in Xandres outfits then too. Astrid put together a special Spotify playlist for Xandres with music to turn to at different times of the day. From a lovely, soft piece by Ravel to wake up slowly to a song from La Traviata for when you pour yourself a glass of wine in the evening after a long day. Listen to the full playlist made by our own personal classical music sommelier.