Create your own mouth mask


One morning in the Xandres workshop in Destelbergen, a spontaneous action arose among the stitchers. People started to make mouth masks. The workshop, which is normally responsible for clothing repairs and making samples, took the initiative today to help combat the Corona virus.

UPDATE: The mouth masks made in the workshop are no longer available. Below you will find a manual to make your own mouth mask.

How to create a mask? 


Fabric for 4 layers + 4 layers thin wattine (quilted fabric, removable).
TIP 1: you can also use a thin epaulette for this.
TIP 2: choose a fabric that is washable at 60°.

The pattern (download the pattern here)

55 cm elastic band (57 cm recommended for men)

Step-by-step guide



  • Print the pattern on standard A4 paper. Place it on the double folded fabric and cut the pattern.
  • Stitch all around in 2 layers. This way you get 2 times (L/R) 2 layers for the front and 2 times 2 layers as "lining".


  • Stitch left and right sides together and replace the curved seam with centre seam.
  • Do this twice, once for the front double layer and once for the lining.
  • Sew the front layer and lining together by overlocking the ends (straight side).
  • The filling can then be inserted between the two layers.


  • Sew in the elastic. 


  • Strictly follow government guidelines regarding the use of mouth masks.