Xandres x Philips: Steam & Go

Thanks to the innovative and handy steamer from Philips, you can take even better care of your clothes and enjoy your elegant Xandres outfits for longer. 

Xandres and Philips collaboration

Belgian fashion house Xandres has been committed to timeless, effortlessly chic clothing in high-quality materials and fabrics for decades. Opting for quality, durability and top domestic brands is more important than ever in the time of Corona. Xandres wants to continue to make a difference for you with new collaborations and surprising initiatives.

 Philips is an ideal partner for the National Xandres Week 2020. Taking care of your clothing in a simple and sustainable way is characteristic of this leading health technology company. Philips developed Steam & Go Plus, a handheld clothes steamer that quickly and effortlessly makes your outfits wrinkle-free. You can quickly refresh clothes with this compact appliance, which is more sustainable than continuous washing.

Steam your outfit like Tiany Kiriloff

Fashion expert and ambassador for Xandres and Philips alike, Tiany Kiriloff, is a fan: 'I wash difficult and delicate fabrics as little as possible. Air out your clothes by hanging them on a hanger outside your wardrobe, then steam them afterwards with the Steam & Go Plus. This removes the odours. It's also more sustainable than throwing everything in the wash immediately. The Steam & Go Plus is my best buddy when travelling, it's compact and fits easily into my hand luggage. I hang up my clothes once I get to my destination. Everything is wrinkle-free and ready to wear in no time.'

Steam & Go advantages

The Steam & Go steamer has a lot to offer. We’ve listed the most important advantages:

  • Easy and quick to use: the steamer heats up quickly, has a handy long cord and a water tank that's easy to fill.
  • Gets rid of creases in an instant: no ironing board necessary, you use this handheld steamer horizontally (for clothes that hang up) or vertically (for clothes that lie down).
  • You refresh clothes quickly and have to wash less: better for the environment and your wallet! Steaming kills 99.9% of bacteria, so odours simply disappear.