The very early start

The earliest foundations of Xandres can be traced as far back as 1927, when a company called Andries & Co was founded in the Belgian town of Destelbergen. The company’s founders, the Andries family, were mainly focused on work-related apparel. It wasn’t until 1968, when the next generation -Jan and Lieve Andries- took over, that the brand Andres was born and the focus shifted to boutique clothing. The initial idea was to become the reference brand for stylish trousers. In those days, people’s fashion options were limited to either the (highly expensive) couture houses or the high street brands. 1968 was a revolutionary year for Western culture, for fashion and especially for women. Andres wanted to bolster the confidence of modern women by offering them fashionable and wearable clothing and by putting a price tag on quality that was more affordable than traditional couture. Xandres worked together with three of the Antwerp Six.


Timeless beauty

The Xandres collection appeals to the woman who appreciates classical and timeless beauty, a beauty that complements current style trends. She is an active woman with an amply filled life and wants authenticity and quality in everything she does.



Elegant women’s fashion

In 1997, following an international expansion, the Andres clothing brand was transformed into the ‘Xandres’ fashion brand. In 1998, the men’s collections were dropped. From then on, Xandres was all about inspiring women, building on its early tradition of real quality for real women. A year later, Isabelle Santens cut the ceremonial ribbon opening the first Xandres pilot stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. The core of the brand has remained the same since: elegant women’s fashion with a timeless quality that remains in touch with current trends.


Xandres today

Today, Xandres is an internationally respected, independent Belgian fashion brand with innovative, high-quality designs, available in more than 150 multi-brand boutiques and Xandres pilot stores across Belgium.