Xandres invests in our future 

Sustainable fashion is not just a buzzword at Xandres. Quality and timelessness are a part of our DNA. From the start of our clothing company in 1927, craftsmanship has been key. When we started Andres, our brand of women's trousers, in 1968, our fits were legendary. Our focus on fit and our years of expertise in the field of fabrics and clothing help us make a difference today. As a Belgian fashion house for women, we create timeless clothing of impeccable quality: fashion to be cherished!


"Xandres likes to look ahead. We want to build a bright future and do more. Push our limits"


We don't just look back at our rich past, we also like to look ahead. We want to build a bright future and do more. Push our limits. Because we know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting sectors in the world. And because it can be done better, for people and nature. 

That is why we are developing a plan to make our entire production process – from yarns and fabrics to the garment in your wardrobe – as sustainable as possible. And even after that, we're your partner in crime to make sure you can enjoy your favourite items of clothing for as long as possible. We are developing a Repair & Care programme for this and want to complete the circle in due course

Plans for the future 

Our six pillars: Xandres opts for a better future, and that is why we choose...

Sustainability at the heart of Damartex 

Xandres has been part of the Damartex Group since the end of 2016. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability (CSR policy) are important to the French fashion group. Damartex highlights 3 priorities in the Change Our World action plan. Xandres' sustainability strategy also fits into this broader framework. 

  1. Changing for our planet: attention to the environment by focusing on sustainable production, less waste and less packaging.
  2. Changing for more ethics: respect for people and fair working conditions.
  3. Changing for more solidarity between generations: stimulating more solidarity between generations. 

Xandres is a member of The Fashion Pact 

Damartex Group is a member of The Fashion Pact . Xandres is, therefore, also part of this global coalition of companies in the fashion and textile industry that together set three important environmental goals: preventing global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans. Besides major sports brands such as Adidas and Nike and chains like H&M Group and Mango, renowned design brands such as Chanel, Hermès & Stella McCartney also signed this pact.

What commitment do we make with The Fashion Pact?

  1. We will eliminate all problematic and unnecessary plastics in B2C packaging by 2025, in B2B packaging by 2030.
  2. We will ensure that half of all plastic packaging for B2C consists of 100% recycled material by 2025. 2030 is the target date for B2B.

Less plastic means less waste in our oceans. Did you know that the oceans produce 50% of the world's oxygen? And that the ocean absorbs 30% of the CO2 produced by human activities?

Oceans = life!