Plans for the future 

Xandres is investing in a better future, where quality and sustainability go hand in hand. We are developing a six-pillar plan to make our entire production process as sustainable as possible, from yarn and fabrics to the garment in your wardrobe, and long after.

Pillar 5: Repair & Care

For endless repair and tips on maintenance  

What do we do now?

By focusing on quality and opting for timeless designs, we encourage you to keep our clothes in your wardrobe for a long time. You can extend the life of your clothing items thanks to our repair programme. 

And in the future...

We want to integrate maintenance tips into our quality framework that help you enjoy the clothes even longer. How do you keep your clothes in top shape? With practical tips, we can help you properly care for and cherish your clothes. 

This is how to look after your clothing

Sustainability doesn't stop when a piece of clothing ends up in your wardrobe, on the contrary! Anyone who finds sustainable fashion important takes care of their clothing. It's the only way to extend the expiration date of your wardrobe. If you are wondering how to keep your clothes looking good for as long as possible, Xandres has 20 tips on how to wash, dry, iron, store and repair your outfits with care.


Wool and cashmere?  

Give your clothes a second life 

Go through your wardrobe regularly and take out those items of clothing you no longer wear. You can easily give them a second life by selling or donating them second hand. By extending the life of these items, you not only make a sustainable choice, but you make someone else happy too!